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El Villa Castejón

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A welcoming environment

El Villa Castejón

Television room

El Villa Castejón

General room

El Villa Castejón

Private room

El Villa Castejón

Room for groups

Chef’s suggestions – Cookery demonstrations

Enjoy the wide range and quality of our buffet with more than 150 dishes that will be cooked on the spot and daily recipes from our chef.

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El Villa Castejón

Cookery demonstrations

El Villa Castejón

The chef’s recipes

El Villa Castejón

Dessert buffet

The same old buffet but deliciously adapted

Maintaining the wide variety of our buffet, we have adapted the service to guarantee everyone’s safety in the face of the current situation. Single-serving or dish-based recipes are some of the new formats with which you can go on eating anything you want however you want in complete safety.

El Villa Castejón

Take-away buffet

Now the buffet also offers take-away services, so you can eat whatever you want, however you want, whenever you want. In your room, at work, on a trip…