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El Villa Castejón

Special touches

Exclusive advantages for booking on this website

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  • Specialists in groups

  • Experiences

  • Small gift for children

  • Small gift for pets

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Free outdoor private parking

  • Exclusive advantages for booking on this website

  • Free cancellation

  • Exclusive discounts on tickets

  • Free fitness area

  • Free Miniclub

We suggest you add a special touch to your room to surprise your partner. As there’s always something to celebrate, we offer different touches for different occasions.

Add your extra touch while booking the room and, when you arrive, everything will be ready.

El Villa Castejón

Romantic touch

Fill your room with love. A collection of products for you to enjoy with your significant other: condom, love candy, mask, massage feather, satin ribbon and cotton candy massage oil.

El Villa Castejón

Sexy touch

For naughtier couples. Chocolate body paint, condoms, lollipop for two, sensual feather, stimulant gel and erotic dice.

El Villa Castejón

Celebratory touch

An anniversary? A success? A birthday? A promotion? There’s always something to celebrate. Surprise your partner with this personal touch that includes balloons, a sign, streamers and more.